GAE SDK 1.6.4 released!

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    Java release notes:

    • Billed applications that have specified additional logs retention over 1 GB are now being charged for that storage at $0.24/GB/month (the first gigabyte of logs storage is free). All logs beyond an application's specified storage limit will be deleted. Please examine your Application Settings page to verify you are retaining the desired amount of logs.(日志空间也是要钱的)
    • Datastore statistics now show the amount of storage used by application indexes.
    • We have released an experimental utility for migrating your application's blobs at the same time you migrate your datastore data. You can opt-in to blob migration in the Admin Console when you start your migration.
    • We have updated the experimental Backup/Restore functionality to include the option to backup and restore to Google Storage for Developers.
    • Version 2.0 of the App Engine DataNucleus plugin is now available as an experimental release. This plugin contains support for JDO 3 and JPA 2 and over 40 bug fixes. For a full list see:
    • Threads are available as an experimental feature via
    • The Admin Console now provides a Memcache viewer that lists Memcache stats and can display Memcache content based on key.(终于可以直观地观察 Memcache 状态了。)
    • Using the blobstoreService.serve method, your application can serve objects hosted on Google Cloud Storage.
    • The method ApiProxy.getRemainingMillis() returns the amount of milliseconds remaining before a request hits the request deadline.
    • New datastore query related callbacks - PreGet(), PreQuery(), and PostLoad() are now available.(对于已经封装好的 Datastore APIs,还没想到这些回调有什么用处)
    • Omitting the <threadsafe> directive from appengine-web.xml now results in a warning. Starting with the 1.6.5 release, omitting this directive will result in an error.
    • You can set an RPC deadline for the Task Queue API's leaseTasks() method.
    • The Datastore Admin tab in the Admin Console now shows entities from every namespace.
    • GQL queries in the Admin Console no longer throw an error when a trailing semi-colon is included.
    • Fixed an issue where setting ApiProxy delegate caused ClassCastException in unit test teardown.
    • Fixed an issue where <async-session-persistence> did not work.(这个问题终于修复了)
    • The Datastore Admin now shows entities from every namespace.
    • Fixed an issue in the Java Development Server where Task Queue retry parameters were ignored.
    • Fixed an issue in the Java Pipeline API ( that would lead to "No object found in pool with id=barrier(...)" errors when used in HRD applications.
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