GAE SDK 1.7.0 发布!

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    如下是 GAE/J SDK 1.7.0 发布公告。

    • You can now configure your custom domain to serve HTTPS requests with App Engine. You can choose either an SNI, VIP, or SNI and VIP configuration. SNI costs $9/month for 5 certificates. A VIP costs $99/month.
      HTTPS 绑定域名。
    • Premier customers now have the option to create applications to be served from datacenters located in the European Union.
    • The Search API now contains support for storing and searching on GeoPoints.
    • The total size of all application versions is now limited to 1 GB. In the future, you'll be able to purchase additional storage for your application code.
    • Logs API calls are now $.12/gigabyte for all data read from the Logs API over the first 100MB.
    • You can now specify a time frame of up to 1 year for the retention of your application logs. All storage above 1 GB is billed based on the prices for logs storage.
    • You can now specify HTTP headers on static content for your application.
    • The HRD Blob Migration tool is now generally available.
    • After using the datastore backup utility, you can now restore that backup to a new app id.
    • It will not be possible to create new authorizations for M/S applications to access Cloud SQL instances.
    • You can now delete a Google Cloud Storage object using delete() in the Blobstore Service API.
    • You can now fetch a Google Cloud Storage object using fetch() in the Blobstore Service API.
    • You can now store keys for a Google Cloud Storage object in the datastore.
    • The BlobstoreService.createUploadUrl() call now works for Google Cloud Storage buckets.
    • You can now use ImageService.getServingUrl() and ImageService.deleteServingUrl() for Google Cloud Storage objects.
    • We've increased various Search API limits. New limits are a maximum of 1000 documents returned from search() or listDocuments(), a maximum of 1000 indexes returned from listIndexes(), and a maximum offset of 1000 for search() or listIndexes()

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