GAE Java 1.7.7 发布

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    • The Sockets API, which allows applications to make outgoing TCP connections and send/receive UDP packets to the Internet using both IPv4 and IPv6, is now available as an experimental feature. 
    • The Java runtime now defaults to Java7. If you still need to use the Java6 runtime, please use the --use_java6 flag when deploying your app. We encourage you to move to Java7 as soon as possible.
    • Billing enabled apps will no longer be subject to a $2.10 minimum weekly spend. Instead, apps will only be charged for their actual usage.
    • Fixed an issue where Datastore auto ids assigned by the scattered id policy were too large to be represented as floating point numbers in the SDK.
    • Fixed an issue with sort by doc_id not translating correctly causing InvalidRequest errors in the Search API
    1. 终于支持 Sockets API 了,不过目前还是实验特性
    2. 默认运行环境升级到了 Java7


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