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NetBeans 10th Birthday

I had been using NetBeans for more then 1 year.Formerly, I had used the Eclipse IDE for development. But, since I had a try for NetBeans, I surprised, I feel the NetBeans IDE is more for humanbings! This year is NetBeans 10th birthday, let's celebrate it!

Using NetBeans IDE

I use NetBeans IDE under Ubuntu Linux for JavaSE/JavaEE developing.Because NetBeans UI is based on Java standard--SWing, so I can customize NetBeans IDE's UI with Look&Feel. The most favoritest theme I like is Metal! Just modify the netbeans.conf file, add the configuration: -laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel

My projects developed with the NetBeans IDE

I developed some projects with the NetBeans IDE:
A NetBeans IDE plugin: Gmail Notifier
A Maven2 plugin: Project Source Statistic (In Progress)
A Project Management & Team Collaboration Tool: BeyondTrack (In Progress)

Your best NetBeans story

I am the NetBeans Global Translation Team member. I translated some NetBeans tutorials and newsletters. As a NetBeans IDE contributor, I am very honoured. I will work on this, for NetBeans, for Open Source!